BioGuard Water Care

Our complete and comprehensive BioGuard product line provides you with consistent, quality results.  And with our unique system approach to pool care, we will provide you with a simple, three-step plan to pool care so that you can achieve the crystal clear oasis you desire.

We offer exclusive, cutting-edge ALEX® and Accu-Scan® water-testing tools

ALEX is revolutionary software that analyzes test results, figures proper treatment and yields product suggestions and instructions. Accu-Scan is the actual unit that reads the test strip using color reflectance. Nobody else in the industry offers faster or more impressive and precise water testing system.

Water testing services are always free, CLICK HERE.

Algae Products

BioGuard has products to kill, prevent and control algae infestations. Use them to avoid murky water, increased chlorine demand and clogged filters. Let your BioGuard Dealer recommend the product that best suits your pool situation.


Control scale, prevent metallic stains, adjust the pH and total alkalinity and correct mineral imbalances.


From filter, tile and surface cleaners to pool cover cleaner and preservative - keep your pool environment looking new and inviting.


Use oxidizers to shock the water and chemically destroy the organic contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment. Restore water clarity, maintain water balance and eliminate the main causes of eye and nose irritation.


Sanitizers are the main ingredient of basic pool maintenance.  They keep pool water clear and protected from bacteria and each BioGuard pool care program is based on a sanitizer to provide this important protection.

Water Enhancers

Enhancers restore the sparkle to your pool water and help your filter work more efficiently.

UV - Ultra Violet

BioLab UV is a revolutionary product that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light technology to take swimming pool sanitation to the next level.